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How to find your purpose of life — 3 Important Ways

Find your purpose of life to get serious lifetime fulfillment.

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The purpose of life is very important for everyone. Until you find out about your purpose in life, there might not be a serious fulfillment in life.

Of course, there are so many other areas of your life that you can become fulfilled. Even just being in the moment you can get fulfilled at, but the serious lifetime fulfillment comes when you actually discover your purpose in life and work on achieving it.

Your purpose may not be a thing that you should achieve. If then you think that you have fulfilled the purpose, but then you wonder about what my next purpose is.

There’s nothing wrong in that approach to viewing life, but ultimately your real purpose is discovered, and it pulls you so much that you can’t miss it. It will make you go on and on till you meet your death.

This might not be the case for everyone, but when you know that you are working on and achieving your purpose of life, it certainly is the most addictive thing that will make your life a hundred times positive and beautiful.

So, find your purpose, work on it, achieve it, and there’s nothing more fulfilling and meaningful than that for your life.

These are the 3 important ways that you could actually find your purpose in life. These, aren’t the only ones, but you could get an understanding about what your purpose is and how it should be approached. So, read on let’s discover the purpose of your life.

1. Follow your dreams

Almost all dreamers and achievers out there always say these three words, over and over again to people. The reason it is said again and again is that people tend to be fearful about proactively getting out to follow their dreams. They tend to be inside their cocoon of comfort. Ultimately, they don’t get to follow their dreams and then regret later. That shouldn’t happen to you.

Have you heard the quote, “It is better to be in the pain of discipline, than being in the pain of regret?” It is so true. The pain of regret is much more than any pain out there in the world. It’s the things that we didn’t do that we regret later than the things that we did and failed. So, just go out and do it.

That’s the only way to meet the purpose of your life. Remember that I have said meeting up with the purpose of your life. I didn’t say that you should think about the purpose and discover. That’s not how it works, you find the dream, you follow it if you fail you change it until you meet your purpose. But when the purpose gets revealed to you, I guarantee that you won’t be the same again.

The passion and energy you get at that moment will be so tremendous that it is very hard to fail, and it becomes so easy to succeed. You will understand that you will succeed no matter what. It will be so massive that you won’t be able to miss it.

One of the important things to consider when following your dreams is that the dreams might not be the purpose. It might actually get you to your purpose. That’s what I am talking about. But that doesn’t mean that your dreams will not be achieved or it is not your purpose. It just means that you follow your dreams, if it’s your purpose, you will be pulled by it and will be fulfilled by it.

If it is not you will eventually meet your purpose even if you fail or achieve that dream. No matter what, just follow your dreams. Most probably it will be the purpose of your life. After all the best person to understand you is yourself. So, just follow your dreams.

Another important factor that you should keep in mind is that the purpose of your life might not come with trumpets and drums. It might not be a big vacation party matter. You might actually be in doubt whether this is your purpose or not. To understand that you should just do it. If it is it will get revealed to you. Never fear to follow your dreams. Get out there and make it happen.

2. Persist on your dreams

You find a dream and do it. But don’t think that it will be easy and smooth. On the way to your dreams, you will find doubts, difficulties and pain. You should persist until you achieve your dreams.

The significant part that you should understand is that, before you start to do your dreams you fear about failures, difficulties and pain, and when you start doing your dreams, the things that you actually feared will come to reality. That is, the difficulties and pain will eventually become a reality and you lean towards giving up. Never give up on your dreams.

It is natural that difficulties arise, but that is actually the part of success. It will make you in the right direction of success. Failures can happen, but failures are lessons. Failures are potential opportunities for success. It means that you should change your approach and move in a different way to realize success.

The path to success is not easy. It is hard. But you can adapt. Eventually, you will adapt to the hardness and doubts if you persist on your dreams. Persisting to your dreams is very very important in realizing your purpose. If there’s no persistence in your dreams you will not achieve or realize the purpose. Persisting on your dreams is really a mindset. It is having that energy in yourself that no matter what, you won’t give up. It happens only if you have a pull to your dreams.

If you have the answer to why you follow your dreams, you will get the pull rather than the push. Pushing yourself will not last. Pushing yourself will get you stopped in the middle. But pull will make you persist in your dreams. So, find out why you want to make the dream a reality? Why you do it?

3. Don’t think and find out your purpose in life.

Of course, you can think and discover your purpose. Thinking and finding out needs something more. That something more is the certainty that this is the purpose of your life. You will become certain that this is your purpose once you actually make the effort in doing it.

If you find why you do it, then you will eventually be pulled towards it and you understand that it’s your life’s purpose. Overthinking to discover life’s purpose is a waste of time. What happens is you think and think and create doubts. You won’t get certainty. So, it is imperative to actually test it by actually doing it.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t think about your purpose. You should think it over in the course of time and understand your purpose. What I am saying is that don’t spend time only thinking about it and actually not doing it. You should think about yourself, find your aptitude, have a dream, set a plan, and start doing it. Action is very much necessary in understanding the purpose of life.

So, these are the 3 steps that I recommend to you to understand your life’s purpose.

Firstly, make a dream and follow it, no matter what. Get out of your cocoon of comfort and take action.

Secondly, persist in your dreams until you achieve it. On the process, you will find out your purpose in life.

Thirdly, don’t think and find out your purpose. Don’t spend time in overthinking about your life’s purpose.

There’s a need for certainty and certainty comes only if you test it by actually doing it. I hope that this article helps you in achieving the purpose of your life. Stay tuned for more from Live Enlighten.



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